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Why a California housing lawsuit is about more than income discrimination

California's Civil Rights Department recently filed a lawsuit to crackdown on housing voucher discrimination, which could inspire other states to do the same and help their most vulnerable tenants keep a roof over their heads.

Ground zero: Rain brings little relief to California’s depleted groundwater

Communities, largely home to low-income Latino residents, still have dry wells. Restoring groundwater takes decades, with costly, long-term replenishment projects — and ultimately, much less pumping.

Helping homeowners: California expands mortgage relief

The state is expanding mortgage relief to more California homeowners who are struggling through the pandemic. The program now covers second mortgages and loan deferrals, with a maximum total grant of $80,000.

California business and labor at odds

If you want to see two diametrically opposed views of what California lawmakers have done and should be doing or not doing, look no further than a new poll and a new legislative scorecard. On one hand, a survey out …

Capitol community mourns two veterans of California politics

By happenstance, two long-serving veterans of Capitol politics died within hours of one another. Since their deaths, Allan Zaremberg and Rex Hime have been widely praised, and the plaudits are richly deserved.

Rules for thee: How California Legislature skirts its own laws

State legislators sometimes exempt themselves from the laws they pass, but this session, they could change course on an emblamatic bill: To allow their own staffers to form a union.

CA drops plan for school vaccine requirement

The latest sign that California is easing out of the pandemic and into the endemic phase: The state has dropped its plan to require the COVID-19 vaccination for K-12 students as the state of emergency comes to an end Feb. …

Image caption: Former U.S. Attorney General William Barr (right) and the man to whom he remains loyal.
Barr Attacks Media at News Publishers Conference

The title of CapCon 2023 was 'Rebuilding Trust in an Age of Disinformation.' Barr’s response to that prompt was unambiguous: You do not deserve to be trusted.

Newsom shuns blame for California’s unseemly issues

While Gov. Gavin Newsom touts California as a model state, he increasingly tries to shift blame for the state's unseemly features.

California not alone in having polarized politics

California's politics have become highly polarized over the last quarter-century but the state is not alone, new research has found.

Legisladores de California intentan nuevamente limitar los costos de la insulina

EN RESUMEN California planea implementar un plan ambicioso para fabricar su propia insulina, pero mientras tanto, los legisladores proponen limitar el precio que pagan por ella los diabéticos. Read this article in English. Mientras muchos diabéticos en todo el Estado …

Campesinos de California deben lidiar con el humo de incendios forestales, pesticidas, cucarachas y roedores, según encuesta

EN RESUMEN Un importante estudio y encuesta de UC Merced detalla las duras condiciones que experimentan muchos de los trabajadores agrícolas de California tanto en el hogar como en el trabajo. Los problemas salen a la luz luego de los …

California lawmakers try again to cap insulin costs

California plans to roll out an ambitious plan to manufacture its own insulin, but in the meantime, legislators are proposing to cap what diabetics pay.

Correctional officers will benefit from California prison closures, too

Incarceration shortens the life expectancy of inmates and correctional officers alike. Many California leaders view prison closures as a cost-saving measure, but the health benefits may be more impactful for the people who live or work inside.

California farmworkers cope with wildfire smoke, pesticides, roaches and rodents, survey says

A major UC Merced study and survey detail the harsh conditions many of California’s farmworkers experience at home and work. The issues are under a spotlight following the recent mass shootings at two mushroom farms.

California housing politics enters uncharted waters

For northern California housing politics, judgment day has come. Cities across the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area had until Wednesday to show state regulators how they plan to approve a sufficient quantity of housing over the next decade. Some submitted …

¿Podrá realmente el gran plan de Medi-Cal arreglar la atención en salud mental para los californianos de bajos ingresos?

EN RESUMENUn año después de la implementación de CalAIM, los detalles de pago son confusos y persisten los obstáculos para encontrar ayuda para los beneficiarios de Medi-Cal con necesidades de salud mental. Read this article in English. Ha pasado un …

Will the state’s big Medi-Cal plan really fix mental health care for low-income Californians?

A year into the rollout of CalAIM, payment details are murky and obstacles remain in finding help for Medi-Cal recipients with mental health needs.

Why California’s well-intentioned PAGA labor law needs reform

A California law helping workers file labor code violations claims, known as the Private Attorneys General Act, often hurts workers and employers alike. A proposed reform will appear on the 2024 November ballot.

‘It’s a big removal of a barrier’: What housing at California’s community colleges looks like

Two California community colleges built housing in the last couple of years, with very different approaches. The projects give a peek at the future of student housing as the state rolls out $500 million in grants to build or expand …

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