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Picture of Liesbeth Visscher

Mayor Pro Tem Liesbeth Visscher

District 4

(831) 884-1278


Elisabeth “Liesbeth” Visscher won the November 2022 election for Marina City Councilmember District 4, starting her four-year term on December 1, 2022.

During the campaign, Visscher continued her efforts to stop Cal Am’s proposed desalination plant in Marina. Water is an issue close to her heart: she has been a Citizens for Just Water volunteer since 2017 (and chair since 2020), and is actively involved with regional water issues.

She notes that another serious issue facing Marina is the long response time when it comes to emergency fire and medical calls. Visscher says they’re unacceptable, especially in District 4, and she holds safety for residents as a primary concern.

Other issues Visscher is watching closely include long-term maintenance and their budgets plus developments such as The Dunes, Sea Haven, Marina Station and Cypress Knolls, specifically having affordable and senior housing available.  

Notable quote: “I am planning to help inform residents why we will need to tax ourselves in favor of a bond so that there will be funds to construct an additional fire station near Imjin Parkway/California Ave. This second fire station will help shorten response times for all residents.” (Source: Monterey County Weekly)

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