Salinas Police Department Gets New Assistant Police Chief


After a nearly two-month nationwide search process, Salinas welcomes new Assistant Chief John Murray. He has served the Salinas community for more than 27 years, most recently as a commander in the field operations division.

Salinas Police Chief Resigns


The largest city in Monterey County is losing its police chief as Roberto Filice takes on a new position with the East Bay Regional Park District as its new assistant general manager of public safety and police chief.

Community Input Sought on Proposed Salinas Apartment Project


The county of Monterey is partnering with the city of Salinas and Eden Housing to develop 132 affordable-rate units on a five-acre parcel.

Salinas Heritage Park Proponents Voice Support


“That was so impressive tonight and to stifle that energy would be a real bummer, so I realize there's a process and I see the other side of it,” said Councilman Steve McShane. “I’ve been talked to by city staff on this subject, but we can't squash that energy, we really can’t. It would be a huge mistake.”

Therapy Dog to be Sworn Into Salinas Fire Department


Working as a firefighter is physically and mentally stressful. Now, the Salinas Fire Department has a new member on their crew to help with that. His name is Cruz, and he’s the department’s first-ever therapy dog.

Salinas Officials Look to Boost Turnout in Summer Lunch Program


Every year, the city organizes its Free Summer Lunch and Snack Program, providing healthy meals and snacks to children under 18 years old. While hundreds of families benefit from this program every year, this summer is different.

Alisal Union School District Lawsuit Slows Housing Development


A lawsuit between the Alisal Union School District and Stone Bridge Homes has put a hold on a potential housing development. The district projects roughly 1,500 new students and says the developers inadequately address how construction of schools will be funded.

Future of Housing ‘Uncertain’ as Salinas Faces Slow Growth of New Homes


In 2015, the Salinas City Council approved a state-mandated plan to build 2,229 new housing units over an eight-year period. So far, 986 have been approved. Without new housing, residents continue to experience overcrowding, homelessness and unaffordable costs.

Salinas Fire Department Brings on New Chief


Monterey County native Samuel Klemek spent nearly three decades climbing the ranks within the Salinas Fire Department. Now he’s got the top job as the new fire chief.

Salinas Residents to Weigh in on New Rec Center


North Salinas residents could soon see major improvements in their neighborhood. The Salinas City Council has approved $8.1 million for a new recreational center in Laurel Park and will solicit feedback from citizens before work begins.

Acting Fire Chief Named for Salinas Fire Department


On May 9, City Manager Steve Carrigan announced that Deputy Fire Chief Sam Klemek would take over as acting chief. The city plans to hire a full-time chief in June. Chief Michele Vaughn retired on May 8.

Proposed Amazon Warehouse No Longer Coming to Salinas


Plans for the 2.8 million-square-foot Amazon fulfillment center at the corner of Abbot Street and Harrison Road in Salinas have fallen through. ‘Growing cost of construction” was cited as a reason for the change in plans.

Vibrancy Project Gets Funding Boost From State


The East Alisal neighborhood in Salinas is getting a long-awaited makeover, and residents will soon start seeing changes. It’s part of the Alisal Vibrancy Plan, designed to improve areas around schools and parks from Kings Street to Skyway Boulevard.

Salinas Stays Mum About Massive Amazon Facility


Online mega-retailer Amazon is reportedly breaking ground in Salinas; however, the city and Amazon have yet to officially confirm the project. The secrecy surrounding the warehouse has some Salinas residents demanding answers.

Salinas Motels Will Become Housing for the Homeless


Homelessness continues to be an issue in Salinas, but officials are taking another step to provide housing options. The city was awarded $29.5 million in Project Homekey funding to covert the Salinas Inn and Sanborn Inn into permanent supportive housing.

Salinas Files Amicus Brief Supporting DACA


Salinas is joining other cities across the nation in signing an amicus briefing in defense of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigratin policy.

Domestic Chickens Debated in Salinas


The Salinas City Council will spend time next year contemplating whether or not to allow residents to have chickens as domestic pets. If a proposed ordinance is approved, it will allow up to four hens.

Salinas Sidewalk Projects Likely Funded Through American Rescue Act


At a recent Salinas City Council meeting, residents had the opportunity to hear how some American Rescue Act funds may be used—and the answers took them to the streets.

New Franchise Agreement May Raise Garbage Rates for Some in Salinas


The Salinas City Council has forged an agreement with Republic Services regarding the transportation and disposal of solid waste. The deal makes the city compliant with Senate Bill 1383, a state mandate that addresses greenhouse gases.

Salinas Looking at New Ordinance for Food Trucks


The city of Salinas has proposed a new ordinance to raise the number of food truck permits from 32 to 52 and change the areas in which they are allowed. This would potentially bring in revenue for the city. but some say there could be negative financial impacts on vendors.

DigitalNEST Opens in Old Salinas Firehouse


DigitalNEST, a nonprofit from Watsonville, has opened a standing location in an old Salinas firehouse to help support tech education locally. The center offers free WIFI, tech classes, and educational support for local students.

City of Salinas Employees Mask Up


City Manager Steve Carrigan mandated on Monday that all city buildings and offices will require mask-wearing indoors. The move comes on the heels of the Monterey County Board of Supervisors voting against a mask mandate.

AMOR Salinas Beautification Program Kicks Off


The city of Salinas has started a new initiative to clean up the city and inspire a sense of pride in its residents. Mayor Kimbley Craig encouraged all facets of the community to get involved.

With Cleanups, Salinas Homeless Have Fewer Places to Go


During the pandemic, the city of Salinas ceased “sweeps” of homeless encampments in Chinatown. Now these cleanups have resumed, leaving the homeless with fewer options.

How Does the Salinas Police Community Advisory Committee Work?


In response to discussions of policing issues, the city of Salinas formed a Police Community Advisory Committee. The Californian explores what the committee does, and who serves on it.

Unhoused Residents of Sherwood Park Booted Prior to Rodeo


Next to the Salinas Sports Complex is Sherwood Park, where the homeless have gathered in an encampment. On Aug. 9, denizens of the camp were evicted by the city in preparation for the California Rodeo Salinas.

Salinas Police Address Fatal Shooting of Gerardo Martinez


The Salinas Police Department wants to rebuild trust after the killing of an indigenous teenager on July 16, but social justice groups say more change is needed.

Homeless in Salinas Moved Again From Chinatown Area


One reason the city of Salinas is doing another sweep of Chinatown’s encampments is to make way for the Lake Street Sewer project. The city sent outreach workers two weeks in advance to inform residents about the upcoming sweep and to sign people up for services.

Disparities Between Two Salinas Parks Puts Infrastructure Budget in the Spotlight


When photos of two Salinas parks sparked questions on social media about how the city distributes resources, MC Weekly investigated. Among the takeaways: squeaky wheels get grease ... and so do neighborhoods served by Landscape Maintenance Assessment Districts.

Salinas Fire Department Estimates Half of Calls Are Related to Homelessness


Firefighters are getting busier, and at least some of the reason is due to fires started in homeless encampments. Salinas Fire Chief Michele Vaughn Vaughn says they are predicting between 17,000 to 18,000 calls this year.

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