City Clerk

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Department head: Gwen Scanlon

600 Sixth St, Lincoln, CA 95648

(916) 434-2493, (916) 645-8903 (Fax)

The city clerk is one of the oldest of government professions—the hub of government and a direct link between residents and their government. In Lincoln, that position is filled by an appointed City Clerk.

The City Clerk’s Office performs a variety of professional and administrative duties in accordance with the Elections Code, Public Records Act, Political Reform Act, Brown Act and the City Municipal Code. The office has a permanent staff of two, which includes the city clerk and the deputy city clerk.

In addition to providing support services and access to government in an accurate, efficient and timely manner with a focus on customer service; the clerk’s office is committed to preserving all of the city’s official records, conducting impartial elections, and ensuring that council meetings take place in an open and public forum. The City Clerk’s Office strives to conduct the business of the city in a professional, honest manner and with integrity.

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