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600 Sixth St, Lincoln, CA 95648

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In early 2020, the Lincoln City Council unanimously voted to change to district elections and adopted Ordinance 10004B, which dictated that council seats in Districts 3, 4 and 5 would be in play for the November general election. The seats in Districts 1 and 2 will be up for grabs in 2022, but the city will go through the re-districting process again once the 2020 Census is complete. The city has no term limits and no campaign contribution limits. The mayor is appointed every year on a rotational basis by the council.

Meetings: The council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 6 p.m. at Lincoln City Hall, 600 Sixth St, unless meetings are held virtually. The public is encouraged to attend.
Picture of Ben Brown

Councilmember Ben Brown

District 2

(916) 434-3291

Picture of Paul Joiner

Mayor Paul Joiner

District 3

(916) 434-2490

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The Lincoln City Council and all department heads participated in a two-day retreat May 10 and 11—its first face-to-face, post-COVID goal-setting session.

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It has been common practice for the city of Lincoln to adopt a one-year city budget plan, but for the first time, a biennium budget was adopted. “One budget year, you can get a lot done but when you have twice that amount of time, you can think a little bit more strategically,” said City Manager Sean Scully.

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After attending the U.S. Army Corps presentation at the Lincoln City Council meeting on the missile site’s contaminated plume, several residents were disappointed that their questions about safety and a remediation timeline were not answered.

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Over the last few weeks, some community members have publicly addressed their concerns with homeless encampments near their homes and businesses in Lincoln.

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The Lincoln City Council decided to explore options for a disc golf course outside of the Auburn Ravine nature preserve. A petition on has almost 1,000 signatures from individuals who oppose a course inside the preserve, which is in Lincoln Crossing.

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Alyssa Silhi
Term ended: Nov. 30, 2022
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