City Treasurer Richard Pearl

Richard Pearl was elected as city treasurer in 2020. He has experience in both corporate and public finance. His graduate training was in public administration and his first position was in the Budget Office in the city of Rochester, New York. He followed that up with stints at two major private-sector firms, plus 35 years as a consultant to local governments in areas of revenue generation, cost reduction, and operations improvement. He retired in 2008 and moved to Lincoln. Prior to his election as treasurer, Pearl served on the city’s Fiscal Sustainability Committee, Economic Development Committee, Airport Committee, and Fiscal & Investment Oversight Committee.

Notable quote: “The treasurer should be a counterbalance to the City Council and the city administration. He or she should be your financial eyes and ears, protecting your interests and playing an active role in financial oversight. The position demands technical, not political, knowledge.” (Source: Gold Country Media)

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