Enviromental Design and Protection Committee


Beautification of the town and protection of its resources is the mission of this committee, and ideally its members will have backgrounds in the fields of landscape design and construction, environmental science, or pollution control. The committee requires a minimum of five members and a maximum of eight.

The committee assists staff in implementing the town’s landscape policy; makes recommendations on landscaping of public property (particularly parklands and riparian areas); identifies nuisance problems and sources of pollution; and prepares educational materials for residents regarding landscape design and protection of the environment.

Meetings are held in Los Altos Hills City Council Chambers, 26379 Fremont Road, on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:45 p.m.

Past Members

Michelle Wu
Term ended: Nov. 30, 2020
Peter Brown
Term ended: July 31, 2021
Wai Lee Wong
Term ended: Aug. 31, 2020
Vijay Chawla
Term ended: July 31, 2022
Nancy Couperus
Term ended: July 31, 2021
Buvana Dayanandan
Term ended: March 31, 2022
Carol Gottlieb
Term ended: July 31, 2020
Hajime Murakami
Term ended: March 31, 2023
Phil Mahoney
Term ended: Sept. 30, 2022
Teresa Yang
Term ended: Oct. 31, 2022
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