Open Space Committee


The Open Space Committee works for the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the environment and natural resources within the Town of Los Altos Hills. Members support the City Council, Planning Commission and city staff in implementing the General Plan, especially with respect to acquisition, maintenance, and protection of open space and easements. The committee provides the public with educational materials, forums, and programs about natural resources (wildlife, creeks, native plants, wildlife habitat) and collaborates with other committees, municipalities and regional entities on environmental issues.

Meetings are held in the Park and Recreation Center, 26379 Fremont Road, Los Altos Hills, on the second Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m.

Past Members

George Tyson
Term ended: Jan. 31, 2021
Kit Gordon
Term ended: Nov. 30, 2022
George Clifford
Term ended: June 30, 2023
Richard Contreas
Term ended: Nov. 30, 2020
Peter Brown
Term ended: March 31, 2022
Jean Struthers
Term ended: May 31, 2023
Wendle Ward
Term ended: Aug. 31, 2021
Susan Welch
Term ended: Nov. 30, 2020
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