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Lake Tahoe Historical Society is a group of volunteers preserving Tahoe's history.

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Kings Beach Radio Station Helped Kindle Tahoe’s ‘Freeform’ Vibe

In the mid-1970s, if you were a Tahoe/Truckee music lover, that probably meant listening to KSML, “The Radio Voice of the Secret Mountain Laboratory.” On local airwaves from late ’74 until early ’77, it was a countercultural alternative to traditional radio.

(April 14, 2022) → Read the full Moonshine Ink report
Tahoe Biltmore Sees Its Last Hurrah

If you hang around long enough in these waning days of the Biltmore—as a Moonshine Ink reporter did—you might meet people who are there getting the last of Tahoe’s daily affordable happy hours.

(April 14, 2022) → Read the full Moonshine Ink report

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Image caption: The 1964 case ‘New York Times v. Sullivan’ is key to maintaining a free press.
Clarence Thomas and the Free Press: Justice Attacks Landmark Case

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is turning his sights on one of the most important press freedom cases, 'New York Times v. Sullivan.' Thomas says he wants to make it easier to sue media companies.

Image caption: Same sex marriage and other rights may soon come under the SCOTUS axe.
Clarence Thomas Wants SCOTUS to Take Back More Rights

If Clarence Thomas gets his way, the Supreme Court won't stop at revoking the right to abortion. Same sex marriage, contraception and gay sex are likely to be next on the SCOTUS hit list.

Image caption: Justice Clarence Thomas calls for SCOTUS to pull back even more established rights after Roe v. Wade.
Why Clarence Thomas Wants to Throw Out Your Rights

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that after overturning Roe v. Wade SCOTUS must now overturn decisions allowing same-sex marriage and contraception. Here's why.

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Mountain Forge: The blacksmiths of Tahoe

Imagine a hot fire, glowing molten ore and sparks flying from steel being forged into a new creation. This is the work done by blacksmiths at Mountain Forge, who have been forging metal since 1968. Founded by Hans Standteiner, the …

Tahoe Weekly logo LOCAL NEWS
History, politics influence naming of Lake Tahoe, Part I

The Washo are the Indigenous Native Americans who have lived at Lake Tahoe for thousands of years. Since the last glaciers receded, the Tahoe Basin has been the spiritual center of this peaceful society that revered bountiful dá’ aw aga …

Image caption: Immigrants continue to shape the face of California today.
California’s History of Immigration: How Immigrants Built the State

From long before it became a state, to the present day, immigration has shaped California—but they have often been treated poorly. Here’s how immigrants helped build California, through the state’s mixed history with immigration.

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Historic Tahoe City’s heritage present throughout town

Tahoe City is a hotbed location for family activities with free beach access and multi-use paved bike paths that run north, south and east. Each direction offers different vibes and views. The northbound route from Tahoe City to Palisades Tahoe …

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Ice, fishing booms for Donner Lake

Donner Lake is appreciated as a beautiful gem tucked into the base of Donner Pass, a gift of nature for all to enjoy. Others have considered it a natural resource perfectly located for exploitation, a common practice in the Tahoe …

Image caption:
California’s Reparations Could Include Tuition, Housing Grants

California’s first-in-the-nation task force to identify reparations said business loans, housing grants, tuition, wage and job protections could provide redress for African Americans.

Image caption: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost more than half of their value in just six months.
The Great Crypto Crash of 2022, Explained

Crypto investors have seen more than half of their cryptocurrency value wiped out in six months. What is crypto, and what caused the great crash of 2022?

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