District Attorney Vern Pierson



El Dorado’s district attorney since 2007, Vern Pierson has been a prosecutor for some three decades. He’s served in various capacities throughout that time as deputy district attorney, deputy attorney general, and chief assistant district attorney. He wrote tht book “California Evidence Pocketbook,” which is used by prosecutors, attorneys, and judges throughout California.

Pierson’s office created the Cold Case Homicide Task Force. It is committed to solving El Dorado County's open homicide cases dating back to the 1960s and providing closure to victims’ families and loved ones. The public can send confidential information through a tip line and email address noted on the website.

A graduate of the U.S. Army’s Airborne and Air Assault schools, Pierson served in the 101st Airborne as a sergeant. He obtained his doctor of law degree from Western State University College of Law and more recently a master’s in Homeland Security from the Naval Postgraduate School. Pierson now serves on the Board of Directors for the California District Attorneys Association and is co-chair of the Association’s Ethics and Insurance Fraud Committees.

The El Dorado County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association says Pierson’s “tireless work has improved the quality of life for the residents and visitors of El Dorado County and continues to make (the county) a safer place to live, work and enjoy.”

First elected: November 2006

Notable quote: “As a career prosecutor, I’m troubled by the fact the greatest weakness in our approach to mass shootings has been to overly emphasize reaction to the first shot fired, and under emphasize the warning signs, which should alert school and public safety officials to act.” (Source: CalMatters)

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