Save the Graves to Step In for Cemetery Advisory Committee


The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors has disbanded the county’s Cemetery Advisory Committee in favor of plans county leaders think will help facilitate proper maintenance of gravesites.

District 1 Candidates Take on Tough Topics in Candidate Forum


District 1 supervisor candidates Linda Campbell, Greg Ferrero and Margaret Fortune are all eyeing for the seat currently held by John Hidahl, who represents almost all of El Dorado Hills.

March Primary Election D2 Candidates Quizzed


El Dorado County District 2 Supervisor George Turnboo is looking to keep his seat this election cycle and is challenged by Chris Cockrell and Kevin McCarty.

County Puts Hold on New Tobacco Retail


The hold on accepting tobacco retailer business applications in unincorporated areas became effective Jan. 30, after the Board of Supervisors approved an interim moratorium.

Reorganization Aims to Relieve Planning and Building


The latest conversation in improving El Dorado County’s Planning and Building Department and its processes resulted in both approved and conceptual organization changes.

District 3 Supe Candidates Take on Coalition Q&A


The Diamond Springs/El Dorado Community Coalition gave District 3 residents a chance to get to know their El Dorado County supervisor candidates.

Two New Libraries in Nevada County to be Considered by Supervisors


A new location for the Bear River Library will be announced at the Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting on Jan. 23 in the chambers of the Eric Rood Administrative Center in Nevada City.

El Dorado Transit Seeks Committee Members


El Dorado Transit is looking for transit riders and members of the public to become part of the Transit Advisory Committee.

Commission on Aging Seeks New Members


El Dorado County’s Commission on Aging is accepting applications for two vacancies. The commission strives to attain a balanced geographic representation and applicants are sought from all areas of the county.

Transit Ops Manager to Retire


After 30 years of public service, El Dorado Transit Operations Manager Scott Ousley is retiring effective Jan. 6.

The Eagle Has Landed


Echo 1 landed in the parking lot of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office headquarters, the wind from the blades of the helicopter kicking up dust and announcing its presence.

Area Chaplain Joins Supervisor Race


El Dorado Hills resident Linda Campbell has announced her candidacy for the District 1 seat on the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. Campbell will host meet-and-greets at the Raley’s One event center in El Dorado Hills.

Apples Drop From Top County Crop


El Dorado County reported a 39% decrease in gross crop value in its 2022 agriculture crop and livestock report.

SCHIELDing County Youth


Safeguarding children through healthy initiatives, education, law enforcement and deterrence, or SCHIELD, is the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office's new mantra and mission to connect with its community.

Design Work to Begin on Ponderosa Interchange Update


Though construction likely won’t begin for at least a decade, El Dorado County is moving forward with improvements to the Highway 50 interchange.

Caldor Fire Aftermath: County Crafting Its Own Tiny Home Ordinance


George Turnboo’s campaign to bring tiny homes to El Dorado County has gained traction following the Board of Supervisors’ direction to county staff to draft an ordinance that would allow Grizzly Flat residents to utilize the structures.

State of the County: Development Would Bring Housing, Revenue


Housing development, financial stability, county workforce satisfaction and healthy communities all were part of El Dorado County Chair of the Board of Supervisors Wendy Thomas’ State of the County address.

County Fees Challenged


Placerville resident George Sheetz is challenging whether traffic impact fees he was required to pay for the construction of a home were constitutional. SCOTUS decided Sept. 29 to review the case, which includes arguments from both El Dorado County and Sheetz.

TOT Dominates Budget Discussion


While approving El Dorado County's finalized 2023-24 budget, one conversation dominated all others—how to allocate discretionary funds from the Transient Occupancy Tax.

Diamond Springs Park EIR Ready for Public Review


The review period for the draft environmental impact report on the 40-acre park will end Nov. 2.

El Dorado County Civil Grand Jury Asking Community Members to Submit Their Concerns


The civil grand jury’s primary function is to act as the public’s watchdog by investigating complaints and recommending ways local governments can be more efficient and accountable.

Antisemitic Comments Phoned In During Supervisors Meeting


Antisemitic comments engulfed the public forum segment of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting as individuals expressed their disapproval of the board’s action to rescind its proclamation recognizing July as American Christian Heritage Month.

Staff, Supes Hash Out Permitting Woes in Grand Jury Response


El Dorado County’s 2022-23 Grand Jury Report covered several issues, but only one became a topic discussed among the Board of Supervisors and Planning and Building Department staff last Tuesday — the permit process and its delays.

Board Brainstorms Proclamation Policy


El Dorado County will form a policy on proclamations following direction from its Board of Supervisors, which passed a proclamation declaring July as American Christian Heritage Month. That proclamation, brought forth by Supervisor John Hidahl, proved to be controversial.

Office of Wildfire Resilience Targets ‘Emphasis Areas’


El Dorado County could receive a total of $25 million for defensible space clearing and home hardening work in the Weber Creek area of Placerville.

Montano Master Plan Returns With Modifications


Affordable housing and impacts to schools became the hot topic during the El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee's meeting while discussing the modification of the Montano de El Dorado Master Plan Phase 2.

Christian Heritage Proclamation Draws Controversy at BOS Meeting


El Dorado County leaders’ latest approved proclamation, which makes a declaration that El Dorado County recognizes July as American Christian Heritage Month, was met with controversy during the July 18 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Wheels Turn on Making Trip to Green Permanent


A June 27 decision by the Placerville City Council will begin the process of formalizing the Trip to Green project, an effort to mitigate congestion caused by Highway 50 stop lights.

El Dorado County Supervisors Appoints New Permanent Chief Administrative Officer


The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors unanimously appointed Tiffany Schmid to permanently fill the position of Chief Administrative Officer.

Syringe Exchange More Harm Than Good, Leaders Claim


Sierra Harm Reduction Coalition’s contract to operate in El Dorado County will be up Sept. 1, and county leaders are making an effort to stop its operation indefinitely.

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