Treasurer - Tax Collector Tina Vernon


Tina Vernon first ran for the elected office of Treasurer and Tax Collector of Nevada County in 2010. In June 2022, she was reelected for another four years but she did not serve out the full term. She set her own date for retirement: April 28, 2023.

On LinkedIn, Vernon describes her job as follows: “I am responsible for the collection of property taxes (secured and unsecured) and the investment of county funds. It is my promise to treat all tax payers with dignity and respect, and to assure that all taxpayers are treated equally and according to the law.”

First elected: January 2011

Notable quote: “During my 11 years as treasurer and tax collector, our office has had many accomplishments, faced challenging economic times, learned and grown. I’m proud of the team I have built and the work my office accomplishes on a daily basis.” (Source: The Union)

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