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Saratoga Residents Add to City’s Network of License Plate Readers


In affluent Saratoga, crime rates sit well below the regional average, yet residential burglaries have been a top concern. A group of residents in the Saratoga Woods neighborhood invested in license plate reader cameras to deter criminals from entering their neighborhood.

West Valley Senior Service Providers Fight to Keep Up


According to 2020 census data, Saratoga residents’ median age was 50.5, nearly a dozen years older than the nationwide mean of 38.8. As residents age, they face many challenges—and so do the organizations holding their safety net together.

Tree Removal Fees Removed


After Saratoga incurred approximately $250,000 in storm damage due in part to blue gem eucalyptus trees, the city has halted all tree removal fees for the next few months. The free tree removals are part of an effort to clear damage and replant trees as soon as possible to preserve the city's tree canopy.

Builders Break Ground on Saratoga’s Quito Village Development


The controversial mixed-use development, located on Cox Avenue between Paseo Presada and Saratoga Avenue, is slated to have 17 buildings with more than 90 new housing units and 5,000 square feet of commercial space.

Saratoga Adopts Review Process to Bypass Fire Restrictions


After new state guidelines thwarted housing developments in high fire hazard zones, the Saratoga City Council adopted a process to bypass some of those restrictions. The process calls for a review of housing developments in these zones on a case-by-case basis.

Saratoga Mayor: Retreat Moves City Council Forward


On Feb. 10, the Saratoga City Council held its annual retreat. Every year, we utilize this full-day session to discuss collective goals and priorities for the year, along with various timely topics of interest.

Saratoga Council Funds Events Despite Projected Deficit


Saratoga City Council approved funding for seven community events totaling $31,500, even as some residents suggested that these events go unfunded to help with the city’s deficit, which is projected to be $4.8 million budget by 2026.

Saratoga Could Have a $4.8 Million Budget Deficit by 2026


The city of Saratoga could face a $4.8 million budget deficit by 2026, staff said at a special city council meeting.

New Saratoga Councilman Belal Aftab Discusses Priorities


Saratoga-raised Belal Aftab says traffic, housing and crime are top three issues.

Saratoga Expands Automatic License Plate Reader Cameras


The city previously purchased seven ALPRs; citizens are now allowed to use property tax assessment funds to purchase cameras. Burglaries and auto thefts are up more than a third from last year.

Popular Saratoga Winery May Close for Tastings


The House Family Vineyards tasting deck has views that are as intoxicating as the wines. But some neighbors aren’t fans. On Oct. 5, the Saratoga City Council will hear an appeal against a temporary permit to keep the deck open until a conditional use permit can be greenlit in 2023.

Saratoga Updates Housing Element, Approves Opportunity Sites


The Saratoga City Council voted on eight potential housing sites for its Housing Element update. The approval of sites where future housing could be built came after six lengthy discussions.

West Valley Seniors Get Ticket to RYDE


Senior residents in five Santa Clara County municipalities will soon benefit from an expansion of Reach Your Destination Easily (RYDE), which provides transportation to people over 65.

Parents Lead Recall Efforts Against South Bay School Boards


Political pressure is rising against local trustees, with a few recall notices issued in the past week. One of the biggest pushes is against Cupertino Unified School District trustees.

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City of Saratoga
Saratoga City Council Meeting
Wednesday October 4 2023   7:00 PM

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City of Saratoga
Finance Committee
Tuesday October 10 2023   3:30 PM

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City of Saratoga
Heritage Preservation Commission Meeting
Tuesday October 10 2023   8:30 AM

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City of Saratoga
Library & Community Engagement Commission
Tuesday October 10 2023   7:00 PM

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City of Saratoga
Planning Commission Meeting
Wednesday October 11 2023   7:00 PM

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City of Saratoga
PEBTAC (Trails Advisory Committee) Meeting
Tuesday October 17 2023   4:00 PM